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7th Dec 2016 | by: admin

Free class. Complimentary breakfast provided by Bojangles’.

Truly astute leaders recognize the importance of taking the time to hire only the best person for the job. Peter Drucker, known as the “Father of Modern Management,” estimated that two-thirds of all hiring decisions are hiring mistakes. That means the success ratio is only 33 percent. These are certainly not desirable odds.

Many hiring managers throw the dice and say, “It’s a 50/50 shot to get the hiring decision right.” That seems like an improvement over 33 percent, but how many of us would bet $100,000 if we knew we only had a 50/50 chance? If we aren’t willing to risk $100,000, then why would we stake the success of our organization on the same odds? With a little preparation, we don’t have to settle for 50/50. We can stack the deck in our favor.

Class participants will leave this engaging seminar with knowledge of the predictive hiring model, the six disciplines of predictive hiring, and the “5C” framework for hiring. Additionally, each participant will receive practical and immediately applicable tools such as an illustrative ideal candidate profile, an interview framework with example behavior-based interview questions, and example ideas to integrate new hires. 

Presented by Tim Abraham, Grand Strand’s chair for the C12 Group, America’s largest CEO and executive roundtable operator for Christians, which serves 2,000 members across 32 states representing hundreds of thousands of U.S. employees and more than $65 billion in annual revenues.