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CVR Non-Rental Property Supervision Services

Coastal Vacation Rentals provides full service property management for short term and long term rentals throughout the Grand Strand. While many property owners utilize our full service management programs, there are others whose needs don’t involve rentals but still require care and attention at their property. CVR can provide that attention for the property in an owner’s absence.

CVR will conduct an inspection each month that involves a walk-through of the interior and around the exterior of the unit. CVR will make observations and note any areas of concern, damage, wear, etc. Observations include checking appliances, water heater, hvac system, windows and doors, ceilings and under cabinets for water/plumbing leaks and stains, lights and ceiling fans, pest problems.
Maintenance Services
CVR will perform numerous routine maintenance tasks at the property as needed each month including changing air filters, smoke detector batteries, light bulbs, running water in each sink to refill traps, flushing toilets. OWNER is responsible for providing replacement materials at the property for these items listed.
Severe Weather/Storm Preparations
CVR will turn on water to avoid freezing pipes in winter months; relocate grill, outdoor furniture, yard décor, planters, garbage bins; verify all doors and windows are secured and fence gates closed; cut off circuit breakers if desired, take pictures of damages.
Concierge Services
CVR will open/close window blinds, empty mailbox, remove newspapers/solicitations from drive/walkway, set air/heat for OWNER’S arrival, turn on electronics and/or lights, turn on ice maker in freezer.
Supervision of Vendor Services
CVR will coordinate schedules; provide access; communicate about status, questions, problems, or materials with the job; verify that work is completed and satisfactory. Payment of vendor services may be handled by CVR or billed directly to OWNER depending on the service, cost and company. Vendor services may include Pest, Lawn Care and Irrigation, Pool/Spa, Security System, Utility services, Charities or others. CVR will provide OWNER with recommended vendors per request.

Any necessary repairs will be communicated to OWNER prior to any work commencing, unless an emergency situation arises that effects the safety of persons or property and OWNER is not available, in which case CVR may initiate work to be done with OWNER being responsible for the cost of said repairs.

Supervision and coordination of any additional or non-routine services such as repairs, projects, additions, replacements, installations, deliveries, etc. will incur an additional charge.

Additional Services

If requested, the following services will incur an additional charge and may be provided by CVR or a vendor.

Interior Cleaning Services
Includes departure cleans after occupancy by OWNER or guests, deep cleans on a seasonal or annual basis, carpet cleaning, upholstery/tile cleaning, windows, new construction, other.
Linen Services
Bed and bath linens can be provided to OWNER for their stay if needed. If OWNER uses their own linens and towels, those linens can be cleaned and positioned back into place by our cleaners providing the cleaning service has been requested.
Exterior Cleaning Services
Includes pressure washing, cleaning windows and/or screens, cleaning out gutters, hauling debris, other.

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